The Price Of A Drivers License In The UK

Getting a drivers license in the UK will entail costs. The price you will pay will depend on what you want to do. The cost is different if you will get the license for the first time. It will also be different if you will replace a lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed license. Changes to the initial license are mostly free – but that will depend on the information that you want to change. If your license was taken by force – because of a violation, you should expect to pay more.

How much will you pay to get a drivers license in the UK?

So, how much will you be required to pay for a drivers license in the UK?

First GB driving license

The first provisional license will cost your £34 if you apply online (£43 by post). After you passed the driving test, you need to pay £17 to apply for the full driving license by post. This cannot be applied online. In case you want to get a GB license in exchange for a full European Community, European Economic Area or another foreign license, you need to spend £43 if you apply by post. Like the full driving license, this can only be applied through the post.

Replace a license

If you want to replace a license because it was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you need to spend £20 for it.

Change the details in the driving license

In case you wish to change your name or address, you do not have to spend anything. However, if you will change a photo, you need to spend £14 to change it online or £17 to change by post. For changes in the photo and name, you cannot do the application online – but you only pay £17 if you do both at the same time by post. To change the photo and address, you can do it online for £14 or by post for £17. It is advised that if you want to change your license from paper to a photocard, you should do it at the same time as the changes above to minimise the cost.

Renew driving license

Your drivers license in the UK is valid for 10 years. If you want to renew it, the fees will depend on what you intend to do. An expired license will cost £17. But if you are 70 years old or older, you do not have to spend anything. Renewing a license for medical reasons is also free but it can only be done through the post. In case you want to renew an expired license through the Post Office, this will cost you £21.50. An entitlement can be applied, removed or renewed for free but it cannot be done online – only by post. You have the option to change it with the photo and it will cost £17.

License is taken

If you got a violation that resulted in the confiscation of your license, you need to pay a fee depending

on your violation. The most expensive is the drunk driving fee – £90.

How to keep the drivers license cost low?

Here are tips to help keep your costs low when you are getting a drivers license in the UK.

  • Pay for the provisional license online. Whenever it is applicable, you should apply online.
  • Change details at the same time. When you change two details at the same time, you can have your paper license changed to a photo card too. This will only cost you one fee.
  • Make sure you pass the test once. A retake of a theory test will cost you another £23. That means you need to learn how to drive properly and study for the theory test.
  • Book your practical driving test on a weekday. It will only cost you £62. It is higher to do it on a holiday or on weekends (£75).