Study For Your Theory Test

The theory test is an important part of getting your driving license. This is a written test that you have to pass before you can take the actual driving test. Unless you pass this examination, you will not be allowed to take the practical test.

About the driving license theory test

The theory exam will teach you the theories involved in driving. Not only that, it will also educate you about important things that you will find on the road like the traffic rules, road signs, etc. In most cases, what you will apply in your practical driving test can be found in the theory test. If you fail that, it is assumed that you cannot practice safe driving techniques.

Take the time to study for this written test because it will cost you £23. If you fail, you have to pay the same amount to retake the test. The longer it takes for you to pass the test, the later you will be allowed to take the practical driving test.

There are so many rules to study on the road. This is why you are encouraged to study for the test ahead of time. If you fail, you will waste a lot of time and money to retake it.

The theory test comes in two parts. The first part is easier because it comes in multiple choice form. The questions are usually taken from three books: The Official Highway Code, The Official DVSA Guide to Driving, and Know Your Traffic Signs. The second part of the test is harder because it involves a hazard perception test.

Tips to study for your theory test

The study materials for the theory test can be overwhelming. However, there are ways for you to make it easier to memorise.

  • Link it to actual experiences. If you have been traveling around, you probably have encountered a lot of the road signs that will be included in the test. It really helps if you link the signs to experiences so it is easier to remember them while taking the test.
  • Cut the information into shorter lessons. That way, you will not feel overwhelmed and your brain will not feel burnt out. Pace the learning in bite-sized chunks. Do not rush through everything.
  • Look for an online test. There are a lot of theory tests online that you can practise on. Obviously, this is not similar to what you will encounter in the actual theory exam. However, the questions are taken from the same material or set of information. Take several of these tests so you can get used to the answers.
  • Take note of the data that you are having a hard time with. Spend as much time as you can on these so you can really master it.

When you take the theory test, make sure that you bring your provisional driving license with you. Not only that, you have to be well rested the day before the exam. This will help relax your mind and make it easier to remember what you have studied.